Dubbing and ADR

Dubbing in a foreign language can be a lot of work. With Pa’Lante Post Audio, you will work alongside industry veterans who have dubbed dialog for foreign language markets.

ADR also known as “automated” or “automatic dialog replacement” is a lengthy and costly process that only works smoothly with experienced audio engineers.
At Pa’Lante Post, clients work with native speaking Pro Tools certified engineers. If your project needs Mandarin, Japanese, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese, French, Italian, we have you covered. We use state of the art technologies to connect talent remotely or can hire local directors to direct talent in house. Just ask about our directors available for your session.

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You guys are the best! Look forward to the next project.
Sarah Evers, Brown Recluse Creative
“Pa’Lante hired the perfect director to help the Voice Over talent on our session…And we worked remotely with our talent! Incredible job!”
Robert Santana